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Wicked Crush

Posted by catbrush - July 19th, 2012

Hey everyone, I'm working on a new indie game called Wicked Crush. The game combines the classic mechanics of games like Castlevania with unique online functionality inspired by Demon's Souls and Little Big Planet.

Every area in the giant dungeon that makes up most of the game is created and owned by another player and pulled automatically from the servers online. Completing areas will earn you treasure, and the area's creator will receive a small reward. However, if you die in the dungeon, the area's creator receives a greater sum. This encourages players to create crafty levels to maximize their winnings. Spend your earnings on items, upgrades and adding your own areas to the dungeon.

Working on the game with me is Ryan Miller (rtil), who is handling all of the game's art. Also working on the game is SHADOWFOX2 (also known as Kevin), who is handling the music. Ryan, Kevin and I all got our start here, and wouldn't have met if it weren't for this site, so thank you Newgrounds.

If this game sounds interesting to you, please check out the Kickstarter page and consider backing us, or telling your friends. There's a lot of work that still needs to be done, but with your help we hope to make a game that's fun, unique and full of personality. Even $1 would be a great help, and $10 will get you access to the game and beta tests when they're available.

Thanks a lot,

Wicked Crush


Comments (9)

So, what's to stop people from making impossible to beat levels? There needs to be some kind on disincentive to make impossible levels. Perhaps there should be a mechanism whereby level rewards for both creator and player are based on player success rate. So, if a level has a high failure rate, rewards for beating it will go up. Inversely, rewards to the creator for failing will go down to the point that if no one ever beats it, there should just be no reward.

Or, perhaps the creator would need to beat the level before submitting it to show that it is possible to win.

Hey man, check out the FAQ section. There's an answer there just for you... Oh ok I'll copypasta it here, just for you.

"Many safeguards are necessary to maintain the playability of the game while being made of user-generated content.

In order to have an area uploaded to the servers, the player that creates it must first complete the area without taking a single hit. This should not be a very difficult accomplishment, because the creator knows the position of each danger, and thus how to respond properly.

Fundamentally, the gameplay is designed to empower the player. The controls are tight and instantaneous (You can turn around on a dime, completely change the direction you're moving at any time, even while jumping), and enemies follow the same rules as the player, being just as vulnerable to traps and the attacks of other enemies. Each trap and enemy is simple to overcome by itself (skilled players can even swat down fireballs with their sword), and difficult level design comes through clever combinations.

As well, I am working on an algorithm to detect areas where players can get permanently stuck (Such as a big pit with nothing at the bottom). On top of that, I'm working on implementing a feature to let the community blacklist areas that are deemed unfair (such as if it contains an unavoidable element of luck, like if there were two pits that were too deep to see the bottom, one of which lead to the exit and the other leading to certain death).

Branching paths are being considered so that players can choose whether or not to venture into an area that's been proven to be difficult. The success/failure ratio of each area will determine the amount of treasure that is found at the end, giving an incentive to push yourself, but no real punishment for taking an easier route."

Can't wait to play it! What you said about the gameplay sounds interesting and I don't think that I have never herd of a game that works like that. I honestly think that you, Ryan Miller and Kevin may have created something new and amazing that which you have also (maybe) have the possibility of making a new genera of gaming. Congratulations.

I believe in Billy Monks, and so should you.

Saw this a few days ago and pledged. Art looks phenomenal.

Good luck getting funded!

Looks fantastic dude, good luck to you, Ryan and Kevin. :]

Billy MOnks! TBA for teh win! go team go!!!!!!!!!1111 XD

Dang! That would be awesome if it worked! But in the gameplay video, I saw that there wasn't much of a background change. Animation is awesome, just if the scene changes throughout the game, I'd be satisfied (although you might've already done that in upcoming levels, and the pre-alpha gameplay, I suppose, isn't gonna be EXACTLY the same).

Yeah, the scenery changes drastically as you explore deeper. All of the textures and backgrounds are going to be different from the video. Right now they're in place as placeholders for the textures rtil is working on.

This game looks really interesting. This is my opinion, so dont take it offensively, but I think the game would look better if you made the movement of the character castle crashers-based. But like i said thats my opinion, but overall the game looks really good, and I might even try to play it :)

It's been three years.

You have a progress report on your game so far?

no but soon